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"Come giudica i rapporti con l'Italia?"

Translation:How does he judge the relations with Italy?

March 22, 2013



Also we do not say 'the relations' we would say 'How do you judge relations...."


Surely "i rapporti" can mean "the relationships" It marked me incorrect :(


Now it should work :)


Odd to complain about 'not' loosing a heart but why was I marked correct for 'How do you judge the relationships with Italy'?


I wrote ”How do you judge the relations with Italia?" and is was marked wrong. I wonder why. I expected it to be tbe formal you like in an interview question between a reporter and a politician.


Oops, my fault was I wrote "Italia" instead of "Italy". m/


How would you, then obviously differently, say "How does he rate the relations with Italy?"


Or, "How does he assess relations with Italy?" Would that be a valid translation?


Google translates rapporti to relationships, for what that is worth. We all understand now what the Italian MEANS so quibbling about what precise English to use is usually a waste of time, except that it may be helpful to some non native English users. I would only take note when there is some interesting difference in concept. For instance here I would prefer the English singular “relationship” whereas the Italian uses the plural rapporti. If the meaning of the Italian were unclear then let the English battles begin!

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