Anybody knows a site similar to DW for Spanish?

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Greetings everybody: I'm starting to learn German, and found this very interesting site: Deutsche Welle (, it's funded by German government and the objective is to spread German language worldwide, I just found this site and will look at it more closely in the next few days/weeks, but was wondering if there is a similar site for Spanish learning (funded by the government to spread Spanish language), I found it quite frustrating some sites names its lessons as Spanish but in it contains lot of vocabularies in LA Spanish and not just Spanish one, besides contains many errors (in MHO, if the site has set its objective to teach something, at least spend sometime to make sure that the lessons are correct and not just let the contributors to put up the lessons at their will). Anyway, my goal in this post is to find out if there's a site out there similar to DW. It seems to me that Cervantes is equivalent to DW, but there are not lot of free lessons/resources, it seems their main objective to spread their paid teaching. Please let me know if you know of interesting sites to learn intermediate/advanced for Spanish for free. Thanks for your comment/suggestion.

9 months ago


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