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Spanish course "Flirting"-lesson from shop is a ripoff

The "Flirting"-lesson from the lingots shop is a joke. One lesson is "ojos" 12 times.

Just remove this joke :)

April 9, 2018



When I did the flirting lesson, there were long sentences, not ojos 12 times.


I had the same experience. You might give it another try.

Plus "ripoff" is a rather strong word to describe something bought with a fake currency that has very few uses, but that we all the opportunity to earn excessive amounts of.


My experience is that those lessons - flirting and idioms - don't work on the app. There it's just repeating the same words over and over.

On the website however, there are full, correct sentences to practise. At least that's how I've found it in french and german.


I had 12 "ojos" in a row too and I am on my computer:)


Well then, perhaps 'ojos' has proven to be an extremely effective way to attract people in Spanish.

Next time I meet a Spanish woman in a bar or wherever, I'll just go 'so... ojos?', wink, and see what happens. You never know.

[deactivated user]

    Loooooooooolll bruh if I saw someone do this XD


    LolXDXD Yea im sure that would work saying "so... eyes?" lolXD

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