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Crown Format (PC/Tablet/Mobile)

Why is that all my courses on my PC and tablet have converted to the Crown format, whereas the old format has been retained on my mobile (except Czech, which is not available on my mobile)? The Crown format is horrible. The old format was perfect, it made learning languages a pleasure, so why change a winning formula and without consulting anyone? I was just getting over the shock of being presented with the new tree for French, which required me to repeat many lessons, when the new Crown format was introduced.

Note: I am doing the French, German, Italian, Polish and Czech courses, all from English.

April 9, 2018

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Personally, I find the new system to be far more pleasurable than the old one. I usually dedicate certain times a week to focus on certain languages, so it was a nightmare trying to keep up with decay in the past. I am soooo relieved now. Also, they did consult a lot of people through beta testing. Here are some of the announcements that were made (with explanation of the system):

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