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  5. i do not like crowns


i do not like crowns

oh no!!!! why did you change the learning methods? crowns are not so good as before! we want the new words in the list as before! it was so easy to learn,now is so confusing :(

April 9, 2018



I agree. I know it's all well-intentioned, but Duolingo should focus on fixing its problems, like its flawed typo system and the hints covering the words. 'Fixing' a functional system usually causes more harm than good.


Very well put. "IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT"!!


At 'Level 13',I was on the point of starting to pay for Duolingo. I am so glad I accidentally waited to experience the Crowns rewrite, which seems to expect me to re-start absolutely from the beginning, with stuff I am extremely familiar with, in hugely repetitive chunks, up to 12 lessons at a time. I persevered for a while, keying in words like Junge, Frau and Mann dozens of times, when the prospect of have to key them in many times more - possibly relieved by the odd Frühstuck - made it obvious I should just give up.

This new approach is nuts. I shan't be back to Duolingo unless I hear they have sorted themselves out. Maybe they will also find a better response to trivial typos than red screens.


I also have experience the same thing. I want the old system back. I don't like having to redo all of the lessons that I already know really well. I am very far into the program and I am now having to almost start all over again. It is very frustrating.


I agree, but once you adjust it can get better.


yes its really frustrating


Yes, I agree with you. the new one is hard to learn.


Well to be Generous for Replying to my Late Comment ill give you a lingot also Please if you have any problems ask me.


I can control my study with the old system but not the crowns, I can't repeat study my weak part, every time I just don't know what will come up. every time come up new words, how can I remember all of them! New words go though once, then some other new words come up, again again.....I am frustrated. I used to learn 50-XP per day; today I changed to 10-XP, then print out on the paper to study! The really old way!!! Learning foreign language has to be repeatedly listening and speaking, but the crowns force me go back to paper. It is waste today’s technology and slow down the learning speed! What on earth are they thinking!


You can still repeat things you need to get better at. You just do all of them which is actually better because then you have to learn all the words from that group. Like if you aren't too good at the food words. You just have to learn all the lessons for food instead of just the one you wanted. It takes more time but it makes you learn more. If it is slowing you down, it means that you are not taking enough time to learn the words. In short, it shouldn't be slowing you down if you were really learning the words.


I agree, and what happened to my fluency percentage?


Not a fan of the new Crowns either. I would like to be able to Test Out on some of the earlier basic levels but that option is not available now.


It is an option, I did it.


I do not even know what crowns do


Sir, As a Valueable Member of The Community i saw you use Google and Find out or Go to Support it will be more Helpful dont give up hope :)


who are you talking to? :/


I understand the frustration, but instead of complaining about all the bad changes that duolingo made, be grateful for what could be good about it. My email application keeps changing and I am annoyed at first but now that I have been using it for a while I have gotten used to it. Even if it keeps on changing you just have to adjust to the adjustments. If you take a little bit of time to become familiar with the crowns you might just like it more then before.

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