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Goal by language and several reference languages


Here is my situation that raises two "problems": I'm learning several languages at the same time. Some are available in my mother language, which is French, some are not. Therefore, I use Duolingo in English.

Firstly, I think it would be great to define a different goal by language. I mean, I'm not committed at the same level to every language I'm learning and if all are put in the same amount, I often drop one or two in the way.

Secondly, Duolingo is set up in one language (English) that I use for Japanese and Greek but I'm willing to learn some language using French (Italian and German for instance). As you can understand, I'm not as comfortable in English as I am in French and It would be easier sometimes to learn some languages with my native language.

If solutions exist for both "problems", please let me know :)

Thank you for your answers.

April 9, 2018

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