"Kiu alia estas ĉi tie?"

Translation:Who else is here?

April 9, 2018

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Couldn't it also be "what else is here" depending on the context?


Although you can say kiu and tiu for both things and people, they are specific things not unknowns or generalities so in practice i suspect if you see a kiu sitting out on its own like that the probably intention is to ask who? Ie a person. Other opinions are probably available and i wait to see what others think. ;-)


I was thinking of someone being in a furniture store talking to a sales associate. Like, "The things in this room are nice, but what else is here?"


It would mean "which else" -- which would propt the question "which what?" -- and when there's no "what", it's understood to mean "which person."

[deactivated user]

    well, it might be "which other things are here", if we were already talking about things; but if you walked into a room and said "Kiu alia estas ĉi tie?", you meant "who else is here"

    I think of kiu as adjective-ish, and when it doesn't modify a noun, it defaults to meaning a person ("who"), or picking out of a set that we've already established ("which")


    Vi serĉas iun faman ? Se jes, ne estas mi ! :)

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