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  5. "Já ty osly nevidím."

" ty osly nevidím."

Translation:I cannot see those donkeys.

April 9, 2018



I expected it to be "do not", which has a different connotation than "cannot". Are they interchangeable in Czech, and if not, why is it rendered as "cannot"?


This question repeats itself over and over. Are you American or British? Which exact connotation do you see and do you have some authoritative resources for that?

Here other native speskers say they would almost always use "can't"


Something like "Nemůžu vidět." would indeed sound very strange in Czech.


In the linked reference, British English speakers would say cannot, while American English speakers would say do not. From a member in London, "That's right, it's generally AmE 'I don't see it' but BrE 'I can't see it'."

I used the keyboard to enter "do not" and it was accepted, which is good. Would it be possible to add it to the word choices?


Only the words for the main translation are among the tiles for clicking. Use the keyboard input to write anything at all.


I can’t see the donkeys is incorrect... could you explain to me why?


"I can’t see the donkeys" is accepted. If you have similar problems file a bug and report to Duolingo, we cannot help you, but first make sure did not have a typo in your answer. Always read your answer twice to check it is really correct.


Do you see or can you see


Please do read the existing discussion, including the links provided, first.

They mean almost the same thing in English and the Czech sentence can mean either.

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