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"Forty days"

Translation:Vierzig Tage

April 9, 2018



Why not TageN ?


This is either nominative or accusative.

If it is a subject: nominative.
Vierzig Tage sind fast anderthalb Monate.

If it is short for an expression with the postposition lang: accusative.
Vierzig Tage (lang) irrte er durch die W├╝ste.

Tagen would be plural dative:
Seit vierzig Tagen suche ich dich.
Wir treffen uns in vierzig Tagen.


Couldn't it be short for "In forty days" in response to "When will you return?" That would be dative and require Tagen?


This is what I assumed it was.


And 40 nights


In the same lesson I was asked Forty Days, answered Vierzig Tage and was told the answer is Vierzig am Tag. At the repeat I was asked Forty Days and so answered Vierzig am Tag, and was then told Vierzig Tage was the answer. Suggestions please.

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