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Practicing doesn't seem to affect the crown level


I think there is good and bad in the crown system.

One problem I found is that when I use the Practice feature (instead of clicking on the unit itself) it doesn't seem to affect the crown level in any of the units, they remain the same. Instead, in the old system, when I used the Practice feature, the "goldiness" level in the units I had practiced was upped. This is very annoying because, instead of simply clicking "Practice" and let the system making me practice what I most need to, I have to choose myself the unit I whant to practice and I might not make the best choice.

Ciao, Cristina

April 9, 2018



I totally agree with you. Practicing should definitely count in leveling up in the different skills like it used to. It's is demotivating to see it counts as nothing. I personally do not like clicking on each skill and doing everything over again for the level to move up. This is not a critique of the crowns in general, just in this feature being eliminated.

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I am also wondering if it is possible to have the old system in which we can practice multiple skills at the same time. The current crown system can only focus on one skill a time, but it will be more practical to strengthen multiple skills at the same time.


I would definitely prefer that.

I remember noticing when they changed the practice button from a more useful mix of different skills to instead just select a single lesson from random basic skill that the algorithms had identified as in need of repetition. I miss the earlier system, because it actually made me try to use and remember more of the material, rather than seeing the correct answer the first time I saw a variation of a question, and then essentially being able to auto-pilot through the 3+ repetitions/variations of each question (e.g. German->English, English->German, type what you hear, and repeat what you hear but all of the exact same sentence).


Agreed! I love what their doing with the crowns, but i also liked to practice without having the responsibility of choosing the lessons. Maybe they should make two different practice options: with and without leveling up


I have found this problem too. It shouldn't matter how I practice a skill -- if I practice it, it should count towards a crown. This will deal with the complaint of having to go over too many easy levels again, too. If I see "das Buch" for some high-level exercise, I shouldn't have to go back to Food 1 to earn a crown.


I have a similar issue. The day before yesterday I did 4 individual lessons on the new crown system and it said I finished and got XP as well as got closer to the next 'level'. I go back on the app and it suddenly says I only have 10XP when i should have 40. I lost the progress from 3 of the lessons I did and then had to repeat them! If that was annoying enough, today did 13 lessons all on different skills and the same thing happened except it took my XP back to zero! All the progress from those repetitive lessons is gone and now I have to do them again, it's torturous! Has this happened to anyone else? Duolingo was a small thing in my day that made me feel good and accomplished. Now it's an annoyance :(


please bring back level strength bars so we can see our progress on each level and choose where to progress while still working in parallel with the new automatic system :-)


If you click on each individual skill and then practice within each skill there is a white strength circle that appears around that skill. Say you are in skill level 2 and want to reach skill level 3, each time you practice this skill 1/6 of the ring is colored gold. So after practicing 6 times this skill, "2" crowns changes to"3" crowns and the circle becomes white again. I guess this means it takes 6x5=30 practices to finish the skill and for the whole skill to turn gold. Yet, for me, the problem with all of this is you have to choose the skill yourself to get this to register. If you just choose practice mode, like I did before, which still conveniently chooses the skills you are naturally weakest in, no strengthening occurs on your tree or on any individual skill. A bit demotivating! My lowest results, 1, are the easiest skills like "plurals", I guess because I tested out of them at the beginning, so I would have to redo it 12 times for it to reach the same level as my "conditional perfect" at 3....


Yes, I know! It was so much easier to know what to strengthened when Duolingo told you what were your weakest skills, but now that the skills are all levels and it seems like whenever you make it to the next level the words are never anything you haven't learned before, it makes it so much harder to figure out what skills you should do. When I look at all the skills (other than the bonus ones) that aren't glimmering with gold but are there for me to practice, I get overwhelmed and just pick a random one, or just do the Duolingo stories for a while to get more XP. The practice does do that, and actually gets you more XP, but they don't strengthen the skills like they used to, everything just stays the same. I feel like I didn't need to say any of this because I'm pretty sure everyone else is feeling the same way, and have already commented it, but it's better than wailing every time I look at the skills.


Practicing an individual skill will up your crown level - the practice feature on the old, old mode, if I remember correctly, combined lots of skills for one big practice.


You know you can improve your crown level by clicking on each skill and finishing all the lessons in each level (5 levels in total). I guess it is much more difficult to increase your level now than before, because it might take 10 lessons to reach the next level. A lot of people seem to complain that there is too much repetition, but repetition is the key to language proficiency, especially listening and speaking.


My point is that clicking on a level and practicing are both practicing, so they should both count. But, I am finding going over the basic sentences again to be refreshing, and it builds confidence. At least I can say a few simple things without messing up!


Too much remedial repetition becomes boring, and that is detrimental to learning.


If you don't want to have too much repetition you can simply move on to a different section. Memories decay; two weeks later when you return to the same section, everything may not be that clear anymore. I think you might experience this in the first 10 or 20 skills section. However, if you have gone through the majority of the skills and you still find things to be repetitive , that probably means you are really good and Duolingo cannot help you much anymore. I am at German level 20 but most of my crown levels are 2 mostly so I still find moving to level 3 is difficult, especially in a section where I am weak. So my suggestion is find a section where you feel you need improvement and check if the level of difficulty goes up. To me one of the markers of proficiency is speed/response time. Answering correctly is one thing but answering correctly without thinking is really a level up.

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Yes, I also take into account my response time, and correct answers of course. I am still floundering a bit as today was only my third day with crowns.


Hello. I can find no problems with the crown system. What confounds me about most of the criticism of the crown system, is that people are still fixated on the idea that things must look golden or show a higher score. That was how things were before the crowns were introduced. Nothing has really changed. Learning is still accomplished. I know that I am improving (albeit slowly) because I know a little more German each day. Forget your scores, They are only numbers. Words phrases and comprehension are your guide to progress


Do you think it's strange that people are motivated by turning things gold? By completing skills? People are motivated by different things. Now they have changed a major motivation for a lot of players. We have to express our frustration.

There is a reason Duolingo have had such a great success: It's created to look like and feel like a game.

What would Duolingo be if they took away that?

Say you're playing a game of football, and suddenly the referee says "We'll now make a change. The aim is not anymore to score goals, just pass around and play good football".

It's a bit extreme, but that's kind of what it feels like to many of us now.


But the crowns actually have changed everything with how I handled the German course. I had completely finished the course, and I used the gold/not-gold markers to determine:

(1) when I needed to practice, instead of working through the stories, and (2) what I should practice.

When I came on each day to practice German, I would first check to see whether all my skills were still gold. If so, I would try a new story. If not, I would play whack-a-mole with the non-gold skills. I can't do that anymore because there are no indicators that I can use.

Now, for the new language (Mandarin) that I started after German, the crowns aren't as bad. (Though the early skills require too much repetition of overly basic words and phrases.)


You can use (at least on the German one) the words tab and see what words aren't as good as the others that is what I suggest if you are learning Russian we do not have such a tab you my friend are lucky


Practicing does still go over the words you are weakest with. They are still keeping count with the words you perform the best and worst with so that the practice sessions are still tailored to your weaknesses.


Karint goes over some of the concerns people may have in this thread. She even discusses the use of practice and not having all the skills be golden.


The relevant portion:

"Does the “practice” button do anything?

Practice works exactly as it did before, but it no longer has a visual effect on your tree. This means that while practice helps you review and strengthen words that need it, it does not level up skills or unlock new content by doing it. This was the case before Crowns as well.

We want to replace this with something more satisfying in the future."

So basically they're working on it. But yeah, imo, it would be nice if practice increased crown count in the mean time.


I agree. Though I'm not sure it would make a lot of sense to earn more crowns, since you can only achieve, at this point, up to 5 from each skill. Once you reach level 5, then your tree won't deteriorate, so practice that skill until you max it, and then bam, you're done with it. Now, just hit the skill practice button and it'll give you the stuff that the system thinks you're weakest with.


You have to practice so many times to earn the 5th crown, you are unlikely to ever forget that word, though.

I really think that this is the biggest issue: 5th level crown requires such a HUGE time investment as to be utterly unrealistic for most people, leaving us with a not-very-easy-to-judge-where-we-are system.

Maybe the crowns themselves should be color-coded so that you can see at a glance where you have a skill at level 1 or 2 that needs some propping up.


That is one simple reason comrade the Practice button does not change the crown level or make your tree any more gold. It will give you the XP but it does not give you anything else. You understand?


Seria legal se houvesse tanto coroas quanto aquele indicador que diz que é necessário praticar.

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