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"There are not many of these women."

Translation:Těchto žen není mnoho.

April 9, 2018



Why is the sentence contructed with this word order? And why is the singular used?


It is one of several possible word orders. Hard to say more, really, you have to ask concretely, if you have an actual problem.

Singular, because mnoho works like a grammatically singular word, although it is an adverb. (You can say "to" mnoho.)


well in many other sentences you often put the verb first, would this work in this case as well, and if it worked how would you construct the sentence then?


Není těchto žen mnoho. Není mnoho těchto žen.


Four questions, please:

What about Mnoho těchto žen není? (I can try this later. . . )

How many variations do you have in your Duo database for this one? I don't need to know the answer here. I'm just nosey.

I assume těchto and žen must move around the sentence together in that order? Based on my reading, I believe that these variations all have a slightly different emphasis (a shading of meaning) determined by context. Suppose I spoke Czech with flawless grammar and pronunciation and I was pretending to be Czech, would a native speaker be able to unmask me because I used grammatically correct variations in the wrong contexts?

Dobrý ráno to all! It's morning here anyway.


1) It would work, we do accept it, but it sounds very strange. I can imagine it being used in a very specific context in which you want to stress NENÍ a lot, but at the same time somehow un-link it from MNOHO. That seems quite implausible, and IMO, doesn't correspond very well to the English sentence.

Compare it with Těchto žen NENÍ MNOHO. and Těchto žen MNOHO NENÍ. Both those sentences are IMO much better translations of the English sentence, yet they differ quite significantly in emphasis, which gradually increases towards the end of the sentence.

tl;dr: The Czech word order is painfully crazy.

2) Atm, 181 variations.

3) Yes, těchto žen moves around together.

4) Definitely. Usually, the most emphasized info is at the end. You may wish to google topic vs comment or theme-rheme to find out more.

5) In Standard Czech, it's dobré ráno. instead of for neuters is used in Common Czech. ;-)


Děkuji a dobré ráno. Toto miluju!


It is better: "Takových žen není mnoho."


Nikoliv, "these" není takových, to by bylo "like these".

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