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Typos are often ignored since the update

It's annoying that many typo's are now ignored by duolingo. Which promotes making the same mistakes over and over with the illusion of being right.

Before it was often "accepted" but noted that there was a mistake. Now it's often no longer visible that a mistake was made, as if it was 100% right.

It would be great to see clearly when mistakes are ignored and accepted.

April 9, 2018



Yes, I hope this is fixed soon!


Typos are ignored. And at least for me accents are ignored.

I would like both of those to be added back.

[deactivated user]

    Accents are very important. My old French teacher used to drill into us that it was a spelling mistake if the accents were missing. Keyboard stickers are very cheap to buy in almost any language. Or hover on the smartphone keyboard, linger a bit too long and a whole smorgasbord of languages with all their funky accents will show up. The accents are helpers as they drastically clarify how to pronounce the sounds or place the stress(Spanish). They are friends and need to be respected.


    It looks like today all comments on typos and accents have been restored. At least for me, or perhaps IE. Some users indicated the responses never went away for them. So there was or is some selective issue. Anyway the issue for typo and spelling responses is fixed on my duolingo.


    For me it counts it wrong if i accidentally add a letter in like for say, grandmother, if i put granndmother it counts it wrong, this typo should be corrected but still be accepted. Its small typos that it counts wrong rather than ones that are obviously very wrong.


    I totally understand I feel that way too


    Exactly. I haven't used an accent once and It counts everything right. even if i miss a few letters. If (at least at higher levels) they MADE you spell everything correctly, accents included, that would be very nice. not counting incorrect accents wrong may help you speak the language but it harms your writing.

    [deactivated user]
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