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Test-out feature for crowns

I had completed my tree prior to the crown changeover. I am quite sure I could fully test out of the majority of crown lessons thereby leaving me to focus on the area where continued practice and growth is needed. Please consider adding a test out capability to each topic category. I think it would resolve the majority of concerns raised about the new system as at least you’d only have one test to take per subject area if you have a high proficiency to begin with.

April 9, 2018



This would solve alot of problems/frustration


When you already have a high proficiency in a skill it is just not necessary to repeat it until you have 5 crowns in it, because you can already move on to the next after having finished level 1. So I wonder if there is really need for a test out.
I think it is more important to think about the errors I still make and to decide if it is the current still I work on that needs more practice or if it was something from earlier lessons that I need to revise again. Or if it was just one of my usual typos :-)


Not angry, genuinely interested.

Was the crown system really developed not to be completed?

I understand the value of repetition and I don't necessarily think independent review rather than automatic skill deterioration is a bad thing, but I don't understand the need to keep saying "you don't have to get 5 crowns". Duolingo shouldn't be surprised people want to finish their lessons.

If we're set against a test out option, perhaps some scaling related to the difficulty level of the individual units would be beneficial. The basics/lower tier lessons are important but they're the foundation of every other lesson, the amount of repetition in them is more tedious than useful, in my opinion.


I think - and if I am not very mistaken it is described similar in the crowns faq - that it was designed to leave a choice to the learner. One has already a proficiency in a language or wants to finish the tree quickly, ok, go ahead on level one, take the fast track. This does not mean one is not a serious learner, but why waste time on early skills if it is not needed? The other learner starts new with a language and wants to really get it ingrained in their head, ok, that's possible, too, repeat until you get to higher levels with more challenging exercises. The next wants to fresh up some skills only - do them to higher levels and the others on minimum.

I think it leaves more to the gut feeling and judgement of the individual learner. Spaced repetition has it advantages, too. If I am not mistaken the general strengthening button still covers that part, although those practices do not have a visible effect on the tree at the moment.


I think the problem is it's not needed for almost anyone. Especially those of us who had a partially completed tree before switching, but I'd say even for later starters.

I started Danish on Duo with zero knowledge of Danish, only about a month ago. I'm only level 6. I'm currently at level 2 on Basics 1. I feel pretty confident that I do not need to keep repeating boy/girl/man/woman and eat/drink/water/apple much longer, which is pretty much all that lesson covers.

For later lessons, sure. But I feel like the numbers are inappropriate for the lower ones. Especially since they're all different - it's not like each level has 10 and they didn't want to make an exception for Basics 1. No, someone sat down and decided we needed that many lessons for it, which seems odd to me.


The number of repetitions needed for a skill level to be completed seems to correspond with the number of lessons taught in a skill. There were some posts about it with more details. If I understood it correctly: do the lessons to reach level 1. Repeat the number of lessons once for level two, twice for tree, three times for four. Please bear with me if I did not get the math right. For each lesson, there are more sentences available than just the 20 presented in a training. So there is still new material to get and the difficulty should increase as well (f.e. from reading comprehension / listening comprehension to writting in target language).
But I see that there may not be so much to increase for early skills.


You make a good point about maybe missing something from an earlier lesson but testing out would probably catch that. And yes, I am ignoring all the basic lessons which are showing me at a level 1 despite my proficiency in the later exercises but it is just the annoying psychological aspect of seeing that stupid 1 in areas I worked so hard to master. No way am i doing 100 or more repetitive simple exercises just to see that go away. But every day I see it, it annoys me. Such a first world problem, I know.


For me, the point is that the French tree updated recently, so already many finished skills are lost. Those include skills that didn't actually have much new content, but just have the original words shuffled around, and perhaps with a couple of new words in one of the lessons. Now I have to go back to redo all those lessons, but it would have been great to be able to test out of some of them.


has anyone else noticed the lack of moderator participation in all these discussions about the new French tree not allowing us to test back out of checkpoints? I surfed around to see if I could find a moderator comment and couldn't find one. So I am again imploring DL to hear us when we ask at least the ability to test back out of checkpoints; to retest out of 105 skills more than once (mine only allowed 1x); and to stop resetting those of us who work at this back to kindergarten. It isn't in keeping with adult learning theory and it is robbing us of the fun we were having racking up a visual demonstration of all our hard work. I have lost my French rhythm and even though I still practice daily, I prefer spending time over in German (where I needed to start from square 1)

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