Dear duo team,

Please remove the crowns system it puts me off learning French.

I'm sure many others can also agree with the disruption of the crowns system in their learning.

April 9, 2018


I agree, I absolutely hate it. I was trying to look for another Language App just like Duolingo. It just shows how much I hate it. :/

i don't like crown system

I have no idea how the crown system works. Whats wrong with good ol' fashion bars? You know where you are with full bars m8

[deactivated user]

    the crown system is utter rubbish, I am not doing any more lessons until they change it back or change it into another system entirely... -.-

    Since the update, I can not make myself stay engaged on Duolingo. The whole system just feels broken. I don't learn new material when I earn more "crowns". I feel like I'm going to end up quitting Duolingo completely.

    Is it a month now we have had the Crowns. It feels like an unbearable forever. I have stopped doing French altogether. I used to do a minimum of 30 points in French to refresh and sometimes several hundred in Italian as I am just learning. Now I do a minimum and sometimes a maximum of 10 points per day in Italian. The crown system does not keep my interest.

    I see that talk of crowns seems to have dropped off the Discussion page unless one knows to search for it. Are those of us who came online with the old system being faded to the background?? Certainly no one at DL seems to be listening.

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