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Timed exercises no longer have any connection to the tree

I was very disappointed to find that the timed exercises - the only ones left- have no connection to progress on the tree, that always meant a lot, to see that my timed exercises had improved my standard in one or more skills. PLease bring that back Domingo and the timed exercise for individual subjects too.

April 9, 2018



yes, it is odd how the two practices are no longer connected. It was so satisfying to do timed practice, and sometimes get a two-circle "ding" - and improve several skills at once!


Duolingo--- (my computer doesn't like typing Duolingo, it changes it to Domingo each time so I have a battle to type it without it changing)


There are timed practices for individual skills. You have to have the skill on level 5.


If I ever get to level 5 in any lesson, the tedium is overwhelming! Be so good to get rewarded for the general practice.


Do you get rewarded for doing that?

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