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Vocab help: The Hare and the Tortoise

Hello fellow learners,

After practicing further I have made another video to help improve vocab. Again with the help of old nice and simple folk stories.

This time it is : https://youtu.be/foh7TVDPuaE The Hare And The Tortoise Oder auf Deutsch Der Hase und die Schildkröte

Please comment and subscribe. And let me know if you have any kind of feedback.

Veil Spaß und Dankeschön

April 9, 2018



Well I liked the video. If you can, speak the entire sentence and don't break it up. It threw me off when you broke the sentence in parts.


The story is in Germany known as "Der Hase und der Igel" (written by the Grimm brothers).


Thank you for information. Will keep that in mind for next time.


Thank you. I liked your video very much. For what it's worth, I actually found the phrase breaks quite helpful.


Thank you for the comments.

The reason for breaks is to think of German version before one hears it.

If one can do that, then the words are already on your mind and can be used in a real conversation.


Yes, well done, some excellent German vocabulary there for us to learn. Not sure why you referred to a ‘rabbit’ all the time, when the beloved story in English involves a tortoise. Hope that is not nit-picking, but there is a difference between a rabbit and a hare! A hare is faster than a rabbit, but clearly not faster than a tortoise...

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