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"The baby touches its nose with its second toe."

Translation:ghIchDaj Hom ghu.

April 9, 2018



English wants the possessive adjective with nose here, but my sense is a lot of languages would just say "the nose." How likely would a Klingon be to use -Daj here, in a context where there's no special emphasis e.g. the baby has been touching everybody's noses?


Klingon works like English in this regard. In the article in which the finger and toe words are introduced, they are used this way:

ghIchwIj vISIq "I touch my nose with my index finger."
ghIchwIjDaq jISIq "I point at my nose with my index finger."
ghIchwIjDaq jISIq'egh "I pick my nose with my index finger."
nujDajDaq rIl'egh ghu "The baby sucks its thumb."
nujDajDaq mar'egh ghu "The baby sucks its big toe."
qewwI'wIj DarIQmoHpu' "You injured my ring finger."
rIQ qewwI'wIj "My ring finger is injured."
'oy'qu' Qay'wI'wIj "My little toe hurts a lot."
vaDjaj yaDDu'lIj "May your toes be flexible."


vaDqu'bej ghu'pu'.

Do an image search for "baby sucking toe" and you'll find dozens of examples of babies with their feet in their face. I imagine it's just a small step to touching their nose rather than their mouth.

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