"I write letters."

Translation:J'écris des lettres.

April 9, 2018

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Why it cannot be Écris des lettres?


Because who is doing the writing needs to be established.


You need a subject for it to mean "I write letters".


As a language translation they must always be some slight differece.To me,either you like it or not is a must to accept.therefore you can learn a foreign language easily.


I translate from the distionary what you wrote in French as "I write the letters" So why isn't the correct answer 'J'ecris lettres?'


Ok des and les is really messing with me. I thought if you were speaking generally it would be "les"????? For example, if someone asked you what you are doing RIGHT NOW, you would say "J'écris des lettres." but if someone where asking what you do for a living you would say "J'écris les lettres." For this exercise I used "les" bc there is no context so I was assuming it was asking generally. A lot of my questions don't get answered on here but I am really hoping someone can help me with this one bc I run into the les/des issue ALL THE TIME. Please please please help.


I go by the rule that there is not THE in the English sentence, therefore I do not write THE letters I write SOME letters (Des, de la, and de mean "some" or "of")

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