"Kwenye harusi yake tulikula chakula kitamu"

Translation:At his wedding we ate delicious food

4/9/2018, 4:56:52 PM


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Isn't it suppose to be....At his wedding we ate delicious food...? Please fix these mistakes, lots in this particular exercise and more.

4/9/2018, 4:56:52 PM


This is the most annoying point of the whole duolingo system: they force the departing language according to the grammar of the language you are learning. I understand the reason behind it, but it is still wrong and it push you many times to commit "mistakes" (according to the app), while you are actually working well

4/29/2018, 3:12:06 AM


"At his wedding we ate delicious food." If it were "in" it would be part of the actual wedding like during vows. That would be strange.

7/5/2018, 9:32:17 AM
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