"Because I love you."

Translation:Parce que je t'aime.

April 9, 2018

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Pourquoi pas "Car je t'aime"?


Pourquoi pas "Puisque je t'aime?"


Konstructiv's link above applies to your question too, although for slightly different reasons. Here's the explanation from the Duolingo link provided by Konstructiv:

"Parce que, car, and puisque all mean "because" and describe some kind of cause-and-effect relationship, but they aren't completely interchangeable.

Parce que is a subordinating conjunction that provides an explanation, motive, or justification.

  • Elle lit parce qu'elle a un livre. — She is reading because she has a book.
  • Parce qu'elle est jeune, elle est jolie. — She is pretty because she is young.

Car is similar to parce que, but it's a coordinating conjunction and thus cannot begin a sentence or clause.

  • Je mange du poulet, car j'aime la viande. — I am eating chicken because I like meat.

Puisque is a subordinating conjunction that means "because" or "since" and gives an already-known or obvious reason or justification."

  • Puisque il pleut, j'ai un parapluie. — Since it's raining, I have an umbrella.


Parce que je t'adore?

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