Can I still practice a specific lesson the old way?

Before the crowns "update" (or perhaps downgrade?), I could choose a specific topic I had covered and click on practice and be given exercises chosen from the entirety of that topic. Now I don't see that option. The only option appears to be to work through the same set of short lessons again. I can choose "practice" from my home page, but I don't see any way to choose what to practice.

If I want to practice a specific subject, say vocab 2. How do I do it.

I hope I'm missing something obvious. What is it?

9 months ago


You must get the skill to level 5 before you're able to practise it as an individual skill.

9 months ago

I have this problem now monitoring my students. I guess they cannot strengthen, but practice. What do you suggest?

9 months ago
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