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Update problem : Right answer not shown anymore when typo

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I just want to highlight a change in the new version which is very damaging for learning and doesn't have to do anything with the crowns (and therefore seem to be hidden by this major change) !

Sometimes, we make a typo, and the sparser is clever enough to accept it (even it is sometimes questionable), but in this case, THE RIGHT ANSWER WAS SHOWN ANYWAY !!! But this is not the case anymore (in Romanian at least). So we can't know if we made a small mistake or not !

This feature was very useful. Firstly, it avoids making a small mistake considered by duolingo as a typo over and over because of the absent feedback. Secondly, in Romanian in particular, but it applies to other language as well, I write à instead of ă, because it is much more convenient on my keyboard, and it is accepted by the sparser. With the right answer I could correct myself and check that I put the right accentuation, but now it is not possible anymore !

Please remove this horrible change !

Thank you

4 months ago

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