"Nous fouillons dans nos poches."

Translation:We are searching our pockets.

April 9, 2018

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Quelle est la différence entre 'chercher' et 'fouiller'? Aussi, est-ce que c'est un mot a dire 'to find' autre que 'trouver' pour après on cherche ou fouille un chose?


chercher is a transitive verb whereas fouiller can be used transitively or intransitively

chercher means to look for (Je cherche mes clés. - I'm looking for my keys).

chercher can also mean to look up (such as to look up something in a dictionary)

fouiller when used transitively means to search (as in when a security guard searches you to determine if you have a concealed weapon).

fouiller can also mean to rummage when used intransitively

so consider these two sentences

Il a fouillé dans mon sac - He searched my bag (the security guard searched my bag to see if there was anything untoward hidden in it)

j'ai cherché mon sac - I searched for my bag (which I had mislaid)


Can someone explain how this relates to transportation, please?


When at an airport, you need to remove all items from your pockets before going through the security.


I thought you were looking for that special cigarette that sends you on a trip!


I misread the English and thought "thought" was "through", which would have worked: "searching through our pockets."


Is "Nous nous fouillons les poches" acceptable?

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