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You have wrecked my study. Adding crown and health makes it impossible to use

April 9, 2018



I agree. The system is full of errors. The shopper forwards me his email -right. The shopkeeper forwards his email to me - wrong. The digital images are big files - right. The digital photos are big files - wrong. When the words for digital images is « photos numérique «


Argghhhhh! Les photos numériques sont de gros fichiers. Big - wrong. Large right! More health lost!!!


And full of bugs. Health not resetting after practicing, streak not updating after reaching daily goal. At least make it fair. I can feel the pain of those responsible for ‘voluntarily’ setting up and refining the new system but it’s not good enough. And if people are not turning off in droves the revenues from advertising views must be soaring as we vainly try to regain health. Very clever.

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