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"Ce chef cuisine souvent du riz du Vietnam."

Translation:This chef often cooks rice from Vietnam.

April 9, 2018



Could equally be "Vietnamese rice" I believe


Why "chef" and not "cuisinier"?


Chef is waay more common. I might hear someone use the english word cuisiner and not process it the first time. Very uncommon word it is.


Is the ACTUAL rice coming from Vietnam or is the rice just cooked in a Vietnamese style? Because in one case it is "from" the other would just say "Vietnamese rice" Would both of these ideas be conveyed the same in French?


I feel like we have to check with an attorney before we answer the quiz on Duolingo! ;)


I'd like to ask my lawyer how i'd feel about that.


Because of the "du" it is rice from Vietnam. (I have also seen "riz vietnamien" used to mean this, but I don't know if that is correct).

I believe "Vietnamese rice", as a dish, is "riz à la vietnamien" or "riz vietnamien".


I wrote, "This chef frequently cooks rice from Vietnam." In English grammar, "frequently" is the correct word. And even though many people don't know and don't use this adverb, mistakenly using "often" in a sentence like this one, at worst, one can say that the two words -- "often" and "frequently" -- are interchangeable. Therefore, Duolingo should have marked my answer as correct. N'est pas?


You're basically saying that a billion people have been using the wrong word. What reference do you use?


Youre basically saying a billion people use "often" more frequently than "frequently." What reference do you use.

Whether or not one is used more than the other, both should be accepted. Fighting and putting this guy down because you disagree just makes the devs/contributors/mods less likely to respond when we want a change in the system.


I thought chef was boss and chief was chef


I think that's german.

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