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I got the golden owl for the new French tree!

I finally recovered my golden owl for the new French tree today, but with the new crown system, the tree does not look nearly as pretty as it did before. I would suggest to Duolingo to abandon the topic based colours of the lessons, and to use instead a gradation of gold circles with different levels of shading, from light to dark, to indicate the crown level. That way, the user could quickly scan the tree to see which topic would require the most work.

April 9, 2018



I had a similar suggestion this weekend, but I thought it would be best to go from 5 skill levels to 3, and to adopt a bronze, silver, and gold ranking system for the tree.


Louder for the kids in the back! I love that idea.


That was my other idea, except no need to change number of skill levels, with all the work they've put into them, I doubt they would change that. But either add 1 or 2 new colours to match the ranks, or this could be a feature of the 3rd to 5th levels. At the very least, the 5th level should turn gold. Here, have a lingot :)


Congrats on your recovery of your Golden Owl! :-)


Cela est génial!


Good job! Congrats.




Congrats, I'm not far behind!


Good idea! If they do that and get rid of the odious 'Health' system we will be back to having a good learning tool. I am now afraid to trust myself to answer questions in case I lose a life!


That's an achievement, bravo !


Congrats!! How do you achieve the golden owl for french? I would like to work on getting one as well.


Under the current crown system, all you have to do, I think, is complete all of the skills to Crown Level 1.


what is the golden owl????


If you finish the entire tree to Crown Level 1, you will get a golden owl trophy at the bottom of the screen that you can scroll down to click on.


What is a French tree?? What is a golden owl??


congrats on getting your owl i got the new french tree recently

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