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Hindi Update please

I am only inquiring because the course is 100% complete and the contributors already said that they were about to start looking for alpha testers shortly.

Since it has been almost a month, and I am extremely excited, I am hoping to get a response from a contributor or another incubator update.

  • How close are we to seeing alpha-tester recruitment?(2 days, another month or so still?)

Anyways, super excited and I can't wait.

April 9, 2018



I'm with you on this. I hate to be selfish, and I will support the course no matter how long it takes. But I spend my summers doing field work in the Himalayas and won't have internet access, so I was really hoping I would get a chance to see the course before I head out.


Maybe they saw the post :)


Thanks for the update. Hope the alpha-testing goes well. I can't wait for Hindi.

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