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New French Forum - No Ability to Test Out

I have been faithful for 495 days to the French lessons, completed my tree a long time ago, kept it nice and shiny golden and then in came this new version. There is no ability to test out of skills as basic as "I am a boy" "I am a girl".... It is painful to see the repetition levels within a skill when it is so basic. It is an insult to our intelligence and we need the test out ability please.

April 9, 2018



It is not required to test out. You can continue down the tree once you reach level 1 which is all the original gold level was in the first place. You are not intended to do this over and over and over, but once a day and that is not too much. I use it to switch from one language in my mind to another. Anything that you have level 1 in is actually "gold". You will eventually do all of them over time and then you will have that pleasant visual, but it is just a visual. This reminds me of native born speakers who tested out and complained that they only had an xp level 9 , 10 or 11 instead of xp level 25. You know how much you know. Why worry about something that is simply based on practice?


Go to the website version of the tree, click to start a lesson. When the lesson opens, delete the number from the end of the url and reload the page. Voilà, the old version of the skill with the test out button in the top right hand corner.

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