"À l'heure de ton rendez-vous, je faisais à manger."

Translation:At the time of your appointment, I was preparing something to eat.

April 9, 2018

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"À l'heure de ton rendez-vous, je faisais à manger." Translation:At the time of your appointment, I was preparing something to eat.

I entered "At the time of your appointment, I was preparing to eat." (this was the drag-and-drop sentence) Why is there a "something" presumed in this phrasing?


It's not presumed so much as required because of what the idiomatic French phrase actually means.

"Faire à manger" is "[making/preparing] + [food/something] + [to eat]", i.e. "making something to eat", not "preparing to eat". The French drops the "food/something", but it's implied.

Here, the idiom rules. "À manger" is "something/stuff/food to eat" (or just "food"). "Donnez-nous à manger" is "give us something to eat" (or just "give us food").

The same is true of "à boire".

Take a look at some of these examples:


"...making something to eat" should be accepted, no?


It's past tense, so "WAS making something to eat" perhaps


"...was making something to eat" is what i entered and it was not accepted


"... faisais quelque chose à manger" = "was making (or preparing) something to eat". As you can see quelque chose is not in the given sentence.


you are right that it is not there. but it migrated into the preferred answer, and ''at the time of your appointment i was making something to eat'' should be accepted


and that is now the preferred answer. As it should.


This makes sense. I suppose the confusion comes from the fact that "preparing food", as in preparing dinner, usually, but not always, means making something to eat.


Is it correct that they translate "I was preparing food" as "je faisais à manger."

It looks like "I was making to eat."

Maybe it should have been "je cuisinais"


I heard "a leur de ton rendez-vous je faisais a manger"


Why was "At the hour of your appointment..." marked wrong?


Why 'date' isn't acceptable?


at the time of your appointment, i was made to eat why is this not accepted? it could happen.


I wrote, "At the time of your meeting, I was preparing a meal." Seems to me that it means the same thing, but was marked wrong.


Where is the word SOMETHING?


Implied. See my comments above.

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