"Je mange du pain et du beurre."

Translation:I eat bread and butter.

April 10, 2018

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For the male voice i hear "je mange et du..." which makes it really hard for me to understand. On other sites/apps that doesn't happen. Anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just my hearing?

[deactivated user]

    Man, these pronunciation questions are irritating. Half the time I don't get past the first two words (correctly said!) but i'm told I'm wrong. Sometimes I don't get a sound out of my mouth and I'm being marked incorrect!


    It's impossible to get the sentence out in time. The response time is clearly set wrong


    The last word is impossible to understand


    I just got this wrong because i misspelled some words


    I eat them seperately, yup


    Shouldn't it be "bread with butter"?

    [deactivated user]

      The sentence was "Je mange du pain ET du beurre," not:

      ""Je mange du pain AVEC du beurre."


      Is it possible to omit the second modifiers for the sake of brevity in a list like this? I.E. "Je mange du pain et beurre"? Or if not in this case, is it if both nouns match up in gender? I.E. "Je mange du pain et riz" ?


      I often write some eg. du beurre -some butter, and I swear its right then I did it here and it was wrong????


      I wrote 'I am eating the bread and butter' but apparently that is wrong?


      Doesn't even accept any input but it's wrong ❤❤❤

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