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Where to put "me" or "te" - Spanish question

I've noticed people say things where you put "me" in the beginning of the sentence, when the subject is 'I'. Where exactly do you put the "me", "te", or "lo"? Thanks

April 10, 2018



In Spanish, the accusative pronoun (or the object - the one that is "receiving" the action) is often put before the verb, unlike English where it is usually after the verb.

Te veo = I see you - "te" is the accusative for "you" and "veo" is "I see"

Lo veo = I see it - "lo" means "it" and "veo" is "I see"

Me veo = I see me/myself - "me" means "me" and "veo" is "I see"

This also goes for other accusative pronouns. Notice how in Spanish, the accusative pronoun is put before the verb instead of after the verb unlike in English where the accusative pronoun is put after the verb.

Hope this helps.


The pronouns can go many different places, but they often do come before the verb.

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