Bug New Crown System | German from English | Skills: Possessive Pronouns and Nominative Pronouns

Duolingo Team,

These two skills are being completed simultaneously:

When I complete a lesson Pos. Pron., the other skill (Pron. Nom.) is automatically completed. The same happens to the other one. I supposed they are linked

Tree: German for English Students

April 10, 2018


Still broken

August 20, 2018

I have experienced this as well; completing one, completes the other.

April 14, 2018

bug is still live

July 9, 2018

Is there any fix to this? I'm having this problem as well.

May 3, 2018

Same thing has been happening to me

May 29, 2018

I am experiencing the same thing.

June 29, 2018

when this bug will fix?

June 30, 2018

I too am experiencing this. I'd also like to add that some words in the nominative pronoun tests are not located in the notes (like the word for "both") and I believe even from level 1 I was being asked to spell out words, without hints, in German from memory, something I don't think I've encountered as early in other lessons.

August 13, 2018

It is happening to me as well and i can't find a solution. From programming perspective it should be easy to fix, because it seems like both of these are assigned to the same variable which is incrementing after we complete the lesson.

January 19, 2019

yup, still there

January 21, 2019

I have just noticed this weird bug today. I really hope it would be fixed in the next time I try...

January 22, 2019

Still broken. I tried to submit a bug report. I get no feedback it was actually submitted though. Annoying. As somebody in the comments said - this is probably as simple as a variable name being duplicated.

February 17, 2019

Here is a very annoying workaround. Take one of the lessons, but do not answer the last question (which is usually a repeat of a mistake). Cancel out and take the 'linked' skill to the end. That way both are completed and both have been taken. Very annoying, but I don't see another way to do this until they fix it. Which it seems like they are not going to bother doing based on the age of this thread.

February 17, 2019

Great workaround- I wish I had read it before I finished Pos. Pron! A suggestion I was given is to create a new account with a different email, and test out of the previous levels to catch back up, then use the workaround you suggested when you get to Pos. Pron. You lose your lingots, streaks, etc., but at least you can continue to learn without missing a whole skill!

February 20, 2019
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