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It's not the Crowns its the number of mistakes!

I'm not 100% against the new Crowns variation. Yes, I believe there is too much repetition at the lower ends for my liking but I can get over it.

What really peeves me is the constant mistakes when the app rules that I have made a mistake when I haven't.

For example: "Il me semble que j'ai entendu le tonnerre au loin". I translated as "It seems to me that I heard thunder in the distance". Duolingo marked this as wrong. It's translation: "It seems to me I heard thunder in the distance". --- WTF?????

Sure this happened in the previous versions, that is why there is a 'Report' function and occasionally I got a message back saying "We now accept your version, thank you for help us improve Duolingo" (or words to that effect).


Now these mistakes are WAY more frequent and they often happen two or three times within a lesson, so it adds significantly to the time taken to get through these lessons.

YES I know it is free. YES I know they're introducing a new version and there are some bugs


I use a lot of other modalities daily such as listening to French radio etc. and being a busy person I only have so much time to devote.

Moving the average time to reach my daily goal from 10 minutes to 15 minutes DOES affect my motivation to continue.

And don't forget this is a collaborative enterprise. Duolingo is NOT free. They gain benefits from us watching advertisements and they also gain from our feedback to refine their product.

The quality control in the previous versions was WAY better, Crowns or no Crowns.

April 10, 2018



Another one: "Avec cette éclaircie, tu peux aller promener ton chien." I wrote: "With this sunny spell, you can walk your dog". The CORRECT answer: With this sunny interval, you can go walk your dog" So BTW, most Australian/English English speakers would never say "... go walk your dog". So I don't know if it is the translation of éclaircie or the aller promener. Sunny spell was supplied as a possible translation for éclaircie by Duolingo.


What the heck???? "On a eu du crachin toute la journée". My translation "We have had drizzle all day" WRONG. Supplied answer "We have had drizzle all day long". What with other mistakes, I have run out of health and can't continue. VERY motivating!


Look I am just putting these examples down in case the developers see them and can fix them. “It is just a little drizzle. “ “It is just a bit of a sprinkle.” « C’est juste un peu de crachin » What is the problem! Particularly since Duolingo gave “a little bit” and “sprinkle” as hints.


“There is one or two downpours per day “ Yes Standard English is more correctly written “There are one or two downpours per day “. But both versions are used.


It gets worse. What are you doing to protect yourself from hurricanes. What are you doing to protect yourself against hurricanes. Que faites-vous pour vous protéger des ouragans. It gets worse.


I also have had it with 'Americanese' answers being required and having a perfectly correct answer marked wrong even when the hints supported my answer. Example 'elles font la cuisine .... ' I wrote 'they cook .....' answer required was 'they make food.... ' . I'm Australian also - would like some recognition that there are English speaking countries that don't speak 'Americanese'. Also agree that having a correct answer faulted with the same correct answer showing as the correction is very irritating. I hope this all gets fixed soon. I had completed the former Duolingo French and had 70% fluency. Am happy to keep revising and learning with the Crown system, but right now it is pissing me off.


You have summed it up perfectly. I can live with the crown system and the new content but not the sloppy mistakes and lack of flexibility of responses. Not up to the previous Duolingo standard!!

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