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"El año mil setecientos ochenta y cinco."

Translation:The year seventeen eighty-five.

April 10, 2018



Is this the form we should really use for years though? Would the two digit, two digit grouping norm of English sound weird to Spanish speakers (i.e. año diecisiete ochenta cinco)?


My Spanish teacher said in Spanish, they don't use the two digit groupings (in Spain anyway). So i think that would sound wrong to them. For example they'd say that the current year is "dos mil veinte", not "veinte veinte".


It's telling me I'm speaking the last few words wrong every time, but I'm not


The same happens to me occasionally. Be sure you have no background noises, such as a TV. Other times I have even had another computer speak for me, and it was still not accepted. I keep losing hearts. So I just quit the lesson and try again later.


Try restarting your computer


Same here. I get this consistently with phrases involving numbers, and only phrases involving numbers. The software is definitely buggy (I have two decades experience as a professional software tester). Not only is my background completely silent, but I am generally able to get my phrase accepted by swearing at my phone! In English no less! There's no way that's not a bug.


I just mumbled some random syllables and it accepted them. Clearly broken. 10/28/21


what is wrong with 'el año 1785', It is often accepted by Duolingo


this must be so hard for some english native speakers.. jaja glad Im romanian


What is the purpose of word 'mil' in this phrase? We are not using thousand anywhere here.


The spanish for it is literally "year one thousand 700 80 and 5" adds together as 1785


Its just math. 1000 (mil) + 700 + 85 =1785. One word for each. So then we clearly need 'mil'.


Querying as per the below 1785 and my (correct) response to the question?


mil means what in this sentance


It means thousand (the year thousand seven hundred eighty and five)


It would not take typed in "The year is 1785"


The Spanish here isn't a sentence because there's no verb.


On the other year question, I just put the 4 digit year, all numbers. On this one, it rejected "1785". Some inconsistency there.


el ano setecientos ochenta y cinco

where in this sentence does it say thousand? The year seventeen eighty-five.

When duo turns the sentence around to spanish the mil is there! Would you please make up your mind Duo!!!


"El año mil setecientos ochenta y cinco."

Translation: The year seventeen eighty-five.

Mil is there in the Spanish. It means one thousand. In English 1785 is one thousand eight hundred eighty five.


It rejected "The year one thousand seven hundred eighty-five." Reported 09 April 2018.


I think it is right that it was rejected, since years are not numbered like that in English. It should accept 'The year seventeen eighty-five.'


I also Wonder Where is the " mil " in this number.. Im confused


“1785” Definitely a thousand


It's in the question but shouldn't be.in the answer. A thousand is ten time one hundred, so your mil is hidden in plain sight in the seventeen.

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