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"El año mil setecientos ochenta y cinco."

Translation:The year seventeen eighty-five.

April 10, 2018



Is this the form we should really use for years though? Would the two digit, two digit grouping norm of English sound weird to Spanish speakers (i.e. año diecisiete ochenta cinco)?


Again, the "and" is not required.


I tried "The year 1785." and it was marked wrong. After several attempts, just for grins, I tried "The year 1685". ... It was marked CORRECT. I believe there is a bug on the DL side.


Don't know how to report this...

I incorrectly wrote, "The year 1685" and rather than tell me I was wrong (which I certainly was) Duo marked me correct and said I had a typo.


Quite a typo. Only a century off, LOL.


Not sure why this one doesn't work. I spoke very clearly. I do use the Castilian C/Z, but that hasn't been an issue before


There is another less common form for descibing years in English. In this case it would be the year seventeen hundred and eighty five.


It's telling me I'm speaking the last few words wrong every time, but I'm not

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