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Graduation from beta?


It looks like it has been 7-8 months since this was last mentioned and Duolingo was shooting for a September 1, 2017 launch date, but that clearly hasn't come to fruition.

Does anyone know when Czech will be graduated from beta? If not, how can we reach someone on Duo staff, to get this answered? It would be amazing to see this finalized, once and for all. It would also be cool to learn Czech on the app. I know I can use my mobile browser, but I prefer the functionality and features of the app.

Děkuji. :)

April 10, 2018



launch dates refer to the start of beta, so this beta is the fruition. there never was an official projection of its conclusion for this course. my personal projection from rather incomplete data is august 2018.

the same incomplete data shows that the course began meeting the criteria for mobile app release in january 2018. clearly it has not been released. no one tells our team why, at least not here. a former mod was told by an apparent duo staffer on reddit that "a team change" was to blame.

try reddit?


Thank you for the reply! :) I totally understand.

I took your advice and posted this on the Duo subreddit, too, but nobody has commented.

I'll just keep my fingers crossed, hope for a speedy completion, and keep my eyes peeled for it on the app.


I hope we will see the Czech language on the app soon :/ fingers crossed for 2018 :D

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