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My French Plan (reach B1-B2)〜

For those that don't know, I have been learning French for a while. I've been exposed to it since I was a little child. French has always been my burning passion, and reaching Native level fluency will be my ultimate goal in life. I am quite young (early teens) and being this young is quite the advantage, in which I will take. I have been formulating a plan for myself to take myself for A1 3/4 ish to B1 or B2 ( depends on many factors ).

Without further ado...

  • Finish Memrise French 2 and get halfway through French tree

  • Finish French tree with full understanding

  • Take Progress Quiz and earn somewhere really close to a 5.00

  • Complete Reverse Tree (English from French) with full understanding & Memrise Course French 4

  • Complete Spanish from French tree & Memrise French 5

  • Start Clozemaster and earn 6,000 points a day & Start Memrise French 6 (continue to do clozemaster everyday from this point on)

  • Finish German from French and Memrise French 7

Done !

What I will do everyday along this journey

  • Listen to rfiSavoirs audio and 1jour1question

  • Read French stories and/or French discussion posts in the French forums

  • Speak French for 30 minutes ( I always mix in French with my English when talking to my family throughout the day )

I really hope this inspired you to do something similar. This post was somewhat inspired from the amazing Mira's post a while back (((:

April 10, 2018



I wish you the best of luck, being able to speak French fluently to your family is an admirable goal, and I know that if you are persistent you'll get there. Your determination, passion and hard-working spirit will get you beyond you can imagine, just be a little patient as you have all your life before you... I believe in you, allez, allez Camille!!


Sounds like a wonderful plan!


Brilliant - I wish I'd had your level of focus and commitment in my teens. Do you have any particular career in mind, using your multilingual skills?


Well, I want to be a Biomedical Engineer, but second could possibly be a translator.

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With the upcoming automation of the coming decades in mind, I would lean towards going for Biomedical Engineer. Not to say that learning languages will become obsolete (not at all), but professional translating will probably be done more and more by computers. Especially on a long term, say 30 to 50 years from now, which still falls within the time frame of your future career after all.

Of course the most important thing is that you do what you love and follow your passions, but practical concerns like that should definitely be considered as well. Sadly there are many people who major in something at college or university, only to find that there's not enough demand for their specialization, forcing them to take a job that isn't related to their training.


I agree with you. There are also lots of jobs for people who want to learn a lot of languages other than translating. My plan is to learn a bunch of languages on a conversational - semi-fluent level, and then either teach ESL or teach English in another country.

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Those are some admirable ambitions. You seem to be heading towards a bright future. Just stay safe and preserve your health and wellbeing.


Having the languages is definitely an excellent back-up option. It is pretty common now for people to have multiple careers, and learning French and Spanish would open hundreds of doors, including into translation-related opportunities. For instance, your track record in languages could easily qualify you to get paid learning Arabic or Russian through your country's foreign office or army and have a short career there, which would open more doors into international diplomacy, aid development and advocacy, or journalism. Whatever happens, it looks like you'll have an interesting life and be a very interesting person. On the point about the army - look into your country's Army Reserve programme and see what is on offer for linguists, because you could develop a healthy (part-time) second career alongside your Biomedical Engineer career.


Very ambitious plan! You are so organized! I am sure you will achieve your dreams with so much dedication and ambition!

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Good luck, I'm pretty confident you'll succeed in your goals.


Thank you Izim_M, I'm pretty confident in you getting your mod roll.

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Thanks madam, that's really kind.


And very true. I'm waiting too see that ring any day now.


Amazing plan, Camille! All the best, I'm holding my thumbs that you will achieve what you want :) Bonne chance et tout le meilleur!


Merci beacoup Mya !


Progress quiz? I thought that they were history, or are they available elsewhere?


Elsewhere, I assume.


"I really hope this inspired you to do something similar. This post was somewhat inspired from the amazing Mira's post a while back (((:"

You're such a sweetie pie... (is that a phrase? Is it something you can call your friend? I hope so... xD) hands make shape of heart P.S. my life is inspired by you. Just kidding! Just my language learning is.

Anyways, awesome plan! I know you can do it <3


Ahh Mira ! So witty and kind gotta love ya

Thanks a lot Mira. May I ask how your plan is going along ?


Okay. I'm kind of revising it to trying to finish the Korean tree on Lingodeer + French tree by the end of summer, which shouldn't be too hard, just a little overwhelmed by crowns coming at such a bad time for me.

Also, thank you <3


Have you taken the Progress Quiz yet ?


Nice plan!! One thing I did was change the language on my devices to French, I would recommend that as well!


Yes that has been something I've been doing for quite some tile now and it's supper helpful


You have a great plan. I wish I had as much time as you, my plan only includes Duolingo, Memrise and watching Star Butterfly in French. Link in case someone wants to watch it, click on VF for the French versions (there are no subtitles, it's French as it appears on French TV). While watching it I keep Google Translate opened in another tab and try to guess the spelling of words I don't know and type them there, many times I get them well enough that Google Translate gives me the correct spelling and the meaning.

PS: I tried taking the progress quiz but it only redirected me back to the lessons page (and me lose a few lingots). I'm not sure what I did wrong.


Excellent plan (I may steal a few things), but please be aware that the Duolingo guidelines advise that you do not mention your age.


Yet they keep asking everyone’s age themselves in the Clubs lol. :D

Nice plan! Go for it. I recently had a smimilar topic in mind for Portuguese but didn’t post it.. yet.


Not sure it matters half the site's users are pre-teens


Yes, I am aware of that. I didn't give an exact age, but it's harder to prove a point without a general idea.

Thank you so much (:

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