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Celebrating the changes!

Yay! I can now read Tips and Notes while doing Duo on my phone! (using my Chrome browser, not the app). I also love the word bank option... normally I would rather write it myself (the better to test my memory with) but on the phone it's SO nice to have an easier option with Klingon. Sometimes I get tired of fighting the auto-spellcheck, you know? :D

April 10, 2018



LOL - this is why the first thing I do with a new phone is disable autocorrect and word suggestions, they mess up enough in my native language, English, but when you start using multiple languages on your phone, it just gets downright silly. Still, I also appreciate the word bank, while typing makes learning go more quickly, the bank allows me to get in quicker practices on days with less time and also to get more familiar with the way the words should look, which then helps me learn to type them. Being able to switch between them is very cool!


The Anysoft Klingon keyboard doesn't have spell check at all. :-)

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