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Early Rock and Roll from Germany

Hi Guys,

I am a fan of all kinds of music, but today I want to share a super awesome German rock and roll song from the early 60s. It is called Marmor, Stein und Eisen Bricht....I'll let you figure out what that means...lol....The artist is Drafi Deutscher and he has a bunch of great songs from the early 60s on YouTube...check 'em all out!


Viel Spaß!


April 10, 2018



As a German I obviously know this classic Ohrwurm ("dam-dam"). For language learners: the title is grammatically wrong. It should be "Marmor, Stein und Eisen brechen" - but then it wouldn't rhyme...


Everything has an end but our love.


Yup....literally: Marble stone and iron break....but our love doesn't or something to that effect...lol...I love his music...


Dankeschön für die Empfehlungen! Das ist ein cooles Lied. Früher Rock 'n' Roll höre ich gerne!


i think it is Schlager not Rock and Roll...??


It's still Rock and Roll to me...you know Schlager means hit, right? So, hit music.....still pop, rock, etc...

Just listen to the gritty guitar, the I IV V style chord progression....that is rock and roll no matter what the `'experts' call it...


Schlager is a genre of musik manly popular in german speaking countries.


Yesssssss, however, the word Schlager means 'hit'. So Schlager music is LITERALLY 'hit music'. And besides...just because someone 60 years ago said 'Schlager music is Germany's answer to American pop music' doesn't mean they actually knew what they were talking about....if you know anything about music, listen the song above...then listen to something by Buddy Holly or Bill Haley and the Comets and you tell me how it is AT ALL different than rock and roll. I put it to you that whoever came up with the blanket term 'Schlager' was either a marketing exec giving the German people something to call their own, or just a silly person who did not know anything about music....And that, is my editorial for the day....lol...

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