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The updated version makes me use Duolingo less.

The new version doesn’t allow to acquire more “life” by practicing old skills. This reduce my ability to enjoy the app significantly and makes it very frustrating.

I’ve finished 95% of my lessons but the three friends I’ve recommended duolingo to in the recent 2 weeks have akrwsdy deleted the app as they couldn’t move forward.

Well... unfortunately not the smartest move, Duo.

April 10, 2018



I agree. I came back from a long break. I was determined to get on but knew I needed to redo some of the skills. I was so disappointed I could could do down a level like I could before. Not even if I got to level 5! I wish duolingo either gave us the option of using the other system or at least giving us a chance to pick which bits we go over. It gives us so much less control.


This sad situation is very understandable.


Impressive list of languages gatiquo! Could you tell me of those languages, which one you find most useful after German? And why?


Já eu uso bem mais agora, embora ache que algumas coisas que foram retiradas deveriam voltar.


Also, I've had a full gold tree for a while. Now, post changes, am I supposed to spend ages working through basics? Waste of time if so.

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