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  5. "Čekají šesté dítě."

"Čekají šesté dítě."

Translation:They are expecting their sixth child.

April 10, 2018



"They are expecting the sixth child" is wrong?


I also don't get why I need to put possesive pronouns even when they're not in the original Czech sentence.


If the possessive pronoun is left off in the Czech sentence, it’s usually referring to a body part or a relation. We don’t do this in English so you have to put it back into the translation.


You are at least right in parts. I am asking myself whether this is recommended or necessary, i.e. is it enforced?


In English, "They are expecting THE sixth child" would usually refer to a child other than one of their own. For example, they are having a birthday party for their little boy. They've invited six other kids. Although their son is getting really impatient, they don't want to start the fun yet because they are "expecting the sixth child" to arrive at any moment. "Expecting A sixth child" is accepted, since that is generally understood to mean "expecting their sixth child."


Great, I understand! Thank you.


They are awaiting their sixth child (archaic, but valid?)


I think that what we're learning in this exercise is a special usage of the verb čekat: that čekat dítě (dictionary definition) explicitly means "to expect a child," which would be the standard expression in English.


"awaiting a child" could mean the same as "expecting a child". I 've learned it already, thx. Is the child expected through pregnancy or by adoption?


The phrase "expecting a child" with no additional information, generally refers to pregnancy. Whether it would also be used in the case of adoption, I don't know.


Why not "they expect"?


Common usage is "expecting," and using "expect" causes the sentence to sound incomplete.

"Expect" could be used, however, in a sentence that provides more information -- "They expect their sixth child in November." Even there, I suspect that "are expecting" would likely be used more often, though "expect" works as well.

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