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The new Duolingo has left me feeling lost.

Why has all changed on what so far has been a very good experience with Duolingo? Where is all my work of months gone? Why am I suddenly attributed with zero activity on days I worked hard? Until very recently I had worked for months through the exercises, making definite progress. Now suddenly, without any real attempt to communicate with me, I am being instructed to start again, or so it seems. Furthermore, if I want to chat to someone at Duolingo, I can't it seems. Non-reply emails seem to me to be deeply antisocial, establishing one-way communications. I feel disappointed at this, as though I am back to first base, and wonder if this is the best way to communicate with students!

April 10, 2018



Here is a link https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837 to the sticky post containing the FAQ’s for the new Crowns system.

You will see that you have not lost the work you have done already but expanded the exercises in increasing levels of difficulty. You are not required to reach level 5 on all the skills but they are there if you wish to increase the depth of your knowledge.

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