"Un coq est un oiseau."

Translation:A rooster is a bird.

April 10, 2018


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The regular speed audio sounds an awful lot like "un coq et un oiseau". This doesn't apply to the slower audio, which more clearly accentuates the "est"...

April 10, 2018


"et" and "est" sound exactly the same we can't distinguish them. It depends on the context.

June 12, 2018


No. Typically, et is /e/ and est is /ɛ/, but the difference is subtle and even so, there should be a liaison with the "t" in est ("eh-T-uh(n) oiseau") but et never makes a liaison.

July 15, 2018


A warning to non-fluent English speakers.... "Cock" is a very naughty word in American English. Don't use it at all in polite or formal settings, even to refer to a male chicken. Use "rooster" instead.

March 19, 2019


Hehehe coq

January 8, 2019
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