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"Une boîte de céréales dure une semaine."

Translation:A box of cereal lasts one week.

April 10, 2018



"A cereal box lasts one week" isn't accepted. Should it be?


It should. A week and one week mean the same thing.


A cereal box lasts one week.


A box of cereal lasts a week.


Not in houses with at least 3 young children.


Fair observation.


I might say 'cereal" singlular? The plural doesnt sound quite right...

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In English, it is "a box of cereal", never "cereals". But in French, it is "une boîte de céréales".


Yes, I was thinking the same, box is singular, but even in plural we would say in english 3 boxes of cereal. I also don't understand why it is de and not des, if cereal is to be plural, or is boîte de a fixed phrase?

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If you have "a box of (something)", it is just going to be "une boîte de (qqch)". EN "cereals" here is incorrect--the result of an overtranslation from the French. English speakers do not a "a box of cereals".

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I disagree. A box of cereals is an amount of cereals in a box. A cereal box is a box that holds cereal, has held cereal, will hold cereal etc. So it can be empty, full or anything in between.

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The French sentence does not speak to how much is in the box. The English sentence does not speak to how much is in the box. Presuming one eats some of the contents of the box on a regular basis, it will last for one week. It is presumed that you start with a full box and eat some of it until the box is empty. This process takes one week. The point is that in English, one does not say "a box of cereals", but "a box of cereal".


Right, you would only use "a box of cereals" if the box contained different kinds of cereal.


I have never heard "box of cereal" always "packet" I am English

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