"Do you know how to make some English cream?"

Translation:Sais-tu faire de la crème anglaise ?

April 10, 2018

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Do you know how to make custard?


Exactly, your answer should be correct.


Thank you, I saw "creme Anglaise" all over France and had no idea what it was. I was thinking "Devonshire cream," but that's more like creme fraiche.


Est-ce que tu sais faire de la crème anglaise?


I had the translation from English to French. I think the English sentence is incorrect and I have reported it. The word should be 'custard' not 'English cream'.


You mean how there should be 'chips' and not 'french fries'?


French fries and our traditional chips are different. We should either leave crème anglaise as it is without translating as it is slightly different from what we call custard in the UK, or translate it as custard, crème anglaise being a more sophisticated type of custard. Perhaps some chefs would call crème anglaise English cream, but I do not know of 'ordinary public' doing so.

Either leave it as it is, describing a specific type of pouring sauce most often used in upper class establishments, or call it custard which is what most of us eat ( and most of us get it out of a packet now, premade, and to my mind over-sweetened).


There is another thread on the subject of "creme anglaise." This is one of those phrases that does not translate into English. It is not custard and it is certainly not known in any professional kitchen as English cream. It is "creme anglaise." This is a sentence that DuoLingo needs to remove. Reported twice now.


I found this on word reference, it’s the best I could find on the subject. http://www.wordreference.com/enfr/custard

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