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A Question if I may ! =)

Hey guys, I was asked to translate this sentence to spanish: They are not elephants, they are bears. and so I wrote: Ellos no son elefantes, Ellos son osos. and it corrected me to: No son elefantes, son osos. I looked in the discussion of the exercise and many people asked the same question as I ask, but none was answered. why was I corrected ?

Thanks in advance =D

April 10, 2018



Report it - eventually they will change it. Since the crowns, they have a problem with the pronouns.


So the sentence I wrote was correct ?


Your sentences wasn't exactly wrong, but it is not the natural way. The most common way is "No son elefantes, son osos", then "Ellos no son elefantes, son osos" and finally, yours. Spanish marks subject in the verb, so usually in not necessary the pronoun. Even though, report it.


your sentence was correct, and Duolingos was also correct. Your answer should have been accepted.


Sometimes Spanish is nice, and you don't have to use as many words, but sometimes it will cost you a perfect lesson.

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