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  5. "Was there a lot of traffic?"

"Was there a lot of traffic?"

Translation:Gab es viel Verkehr?

April 10, 2018



If "Gab es viel Verkehr" is correct, then why is "Hat es viel Verkehr gegeben" incorrect (Duo proposes "Hat es da viel Verkehr gegeben" instead)?

Also, why is "Hat es viel Verkehr da gegeben" incorrect? Why "da" should follow the verb in this case?


Another correct answer is (war da viel Verkehr).


I wrote "war viel Verkehr dort" and was marked wrong, why?


This sentence cannot be translated literally, i.e. "there was"->"dort war". In order to translate the expression "there is", you have to say es gibt and then conjugate it if needed: "there was"->es gab, "there will be"->es wird geben, "there would be"->es gäbe etc.


I'd be curious to know too!


Could you still say 'Gab es viel' to say 'were there many?'


Most commonly, you will see the translations viel = "much/a lot of" for uncountable things and viele = "many" for countable things.

What I mean by this is that you can't count traffic (Verkehr): "How many traffics were there?" is nonsense. So here, viel fits.

If you rephrase to use a countable noun, like "traffic jams" (Staus), then you would use viele.

Gab es viel (Verkehr)? = "Was there much (traffic)?"
Gab es viele (Staus)? = "Were there many (traffic jams)?"


Why is "Gab dort viel Verkehr? " incorrect?


Es gibt is a fixed expression in German that we take to mean "there is" in English. Es gab is the preterite form of that.


I put "war es viel Verkehr", any ideas on why "war" is incorrect?


I think it's probably the difference in meaning. Gab es is kind of like asking "did the ... exist?". In another context, say "Was he at the party?", where we aren't talking about existence, but the presence, then "War er bei der Party?" seems ok to me.

Aside from that, you can report it. My experience here in Germany is that the "gibt/gab es" form is used in this context.


Why is "War da viel Verkehr" wrong?


I'm not convinced it is wrong... report it.


Ist "Gab es viel Stau" wirklich falsch?

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