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How Hard Is It To Learn Spanish For A Fluent English Speaker?

I am a fluent English speak and want to know how hard is it to learn Spanish for someone like me. I am learning Spanish but i want to know know how long this might take??

Regards: Rinee

April 10, 2018



Hi Rinee,

I am also an English speaker (that is hablante nativo), and I am nearly fluent after on and off study for 5 years. This doesn't at all signify that it would for you take as long. You may note, that I had 0 immersion experience within that time frame (and if you are in the same situation, 3 years is not bad to become fluent at all!). Spanish is in fact one of the easier languages for English native speakers to learn, as it is tied with similar roots and there are many, many cognates. The pronunciation, with commitment, is also not a problem. Just make sure to master your "r" ;). If you are committed and have a lot of gusto for what you are learning, I don't see why you can't be a proficient/fluent speaker in anywhere between the time of 6ish months to 2 years. And, on your Spanish journey, do not hesitate in the least to ask someone on the forum for help. We are all honored to give a helping hand!!

Best of luck to you!


I'm a fluent Spanish speaker and I Learned English, I enjoy all the possibilities that an English-world offers to me. If I can, you can.

A good idea would be to ask in your target language. Try it out and figure out interesting outcomes and responses


pretty easy actually


You need to define how well you want to learn Spanish. Do you want to be able to order a beer in Barcelona or do you want to be mistaken for a Columbiana in Cordoba? You will enjoy the process more if you find you fun in learning the language; not in trying to achieve a goal.



  • Spanish - like Portuguese, French, Italian - is one of the "easier" languages which you can learn: http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/ if you compare them to Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Asia languages (Chinese, Japanese, Philippin, Thai, etc.)

  • Honestly: Verb conjugation / tense stuff is difficult enough for me learning my 1st Romance language (Portuguese)

  • I do not have the impression that those listed above languages are that much "easy" (for me)

  • Learning 1000 Spanish words on www.lingvist.com in 11 days and 20 hours with my "end of 2017 year challenge" was not any easier (for me) even I learned Portuguese for 1+ year ago.

  • Probably at least ~1 year to complete your SP DuoLingo tree (was the case for my PT tree with Memrise in parallel) and be able to read and understand the language basics....maybe you are faster (don't try binch learning!), if you do not binge through it.

  • With Spanish newest tree updates and many more skills maybe about 1-1,5 years.

  • 1-1,5 years does NOT mean that you will have finished the reverse Spanish-English tree, which will probably take you another 6-12 months.

  • You might not have the chance to level-up all finished (L1) skills to crown level L4-L5 for EN-SP within that one year period....or you have to put into many many XPs/week!

  • Maybe ~2-3 or 5 years (my guess) to learn to write, speak and listen if you have not learned any Romance language before. Just guessing....could be faster.
    But this is really up to YOU how much time - and different ressources for speaking/listening - you will put into to appropriately learn Spanish!
    Two years pass VERY (too) quickly!!
    I will not be upper-intermediate/advanced in Portuguese after only two years and 2-3 completed PT trees (including Mondly, 50languages, Memrise, AnkiSRS, Pod101).

  • How many years have I been putting in to learn English as my 2nd language? More than 23+ years (leaving out primary/middle schools)!
    Am I truly "fluent" on a C1-C2 native speaking level? Of course not when I do not have to speak (practice) in a English country daily! Still lot's of vocabulary to learn! (which I usually don't).

  • I would be very happy, if I ever reach - in the next 3-5 years - the same / intermediate language level in Portuguese or Spanish which I have gained in English :-)

I am interested to hear other experiences, especially from those who started recently from scratch with their 1st Romance language.

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