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  5. "I drink wine."

"I drink wine."

Translation:Eu bebo vinho.

March 22, 2013



Sometimes the word "de" is placed before the noun like for instance, "Eu gosto de salada." And in this case, "Eu bebo vinho", did not have the "de", in front of the word vinho. When do you use the word "de" or even "do", in front of the noun? When is it not used?


Use de for "of" and "from". But some verbs require prepostions while in English they dont. Gostar an example of that! You have to add the preposition de after it =). Do = of/from the


Obrigada Paulenrique! I understand now. Sometimes it is confusing because I also speak Spanish and I studied French in highschool. Practice makes perfect!


Why tomo? What does this mean?


"tomo" and "bebo" are the same here, In the sense of drinking something, the verbs "tomar" and "beber" can be used interchangeably, but "tomar" can be used to have a lot of meanings while the verb "beber" only has one.

It's like the verb "to set", "to get", "to run", "to draw" etc..

Tomar água (or beber água)

Tomar vergonha na cara (or ter)

Tomar banho (or banhar-se)

Tomar uma surra (or levar)

Tomar uma decisão (or fazer)

Tomar nota (or anotar)

Tomar um ônibus (or pegar)

And more..


I use to skip the personal pronoun; that's why I answered 'Bebo vinho'. I will remember not to forget the pp.


Why is my sentence wrong? Bebo vinho?


Its not wrong, but sometimes duolingo wants the entire sentence.... unfortunately...

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