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Am I getting these right?

This is about the « que » time conjunctions in Conjunctions 2. Since everything seems to be a "while" or "when" for me.

alors que -- samantalà
pendant/tandis que -- hábang
lorsque -- kapág
dès que -- sa sandaling/kapágdakà
quand -- (sa) tuwing

Those were just based on my observations, are those right? Although that analogy works well in Conjunction 2 skill, I'm not sure if I should bring that intuition somewhere in the tree... :/

April 10, 2018

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Lorsque and quand are essentially the same. So quand can also mean "kapag" and lorsque can also mean "tuwing". Lorsque is more fancy. I would add "nang" or "noong" to the quand meanings, as in "nagluluto ako nang tumawag si nanay."

While alors que can mean "samantala", there's a bit more mixture in the meanings, since I think pendant que can also be "samantala" in some cases. How about "subali't" for alors que? (Your accent on "samantala" should be on the A after T, right? SamanTAla, not samantaLA.)

In any case, the list you have above is a good enough rule of thumb if you're trying to differentiate between them.

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