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Current crowns are too easy. I am getting bored.

I am getting bored with Duolingo now. With the new crown system, I have been set to too easy levels. I would like to be able to test up a level so I don't have to run through 10 practices to get to the next level when I might be challenged again. I notice I am less interested in doing Duo and am hoping after awhile they will reset my crowns to a more challenging level so I can learn again. I also really hate that I have to page down to the level I am working on. I'd like to just speed through these easy levels so I can get to something interesting. I'd also like the option to type out answers rather than mouse over to the different words for the same reason - it slows me down. I do like having mouse over options when I am learning new material, but I don't think I will be seeing any new material for a few months now.

April 10, 2018



The update with the crowns has been terrible. It's very repetitive and boring. I used to like being able to choose which lesson of a topic do to, as well as getting a preview of the upcoming new words that would be learned. It also allowed me to go back to certain lessons that I wanted to repeated so I could focus on the words giving me trouble. Now it's random and repetitive. Very poor update by DuoLingo. I've emailed them, but no response.


You took the words out of my mouth! They should have let us decide whether to update or not. At first, I thought it would be amazing to have higher levels in all the Grammar-related units for example, but it's so tiring to clear every lesson one by one. I couldn't stand having those 'rebels' between my golden lessons. So before, I used to achieve my daily goal by revising the non-golden skills and finishing a new one, which was working pretty well for me. Now, I can easily gain 60 XP points just by levelling up the Basics 1. I don't feel encouraged to move forward. It'll take some time to get my head around this new crown system.


For the typing you have the choice to do the lessons either with the word bank or the keyboard, if you use the website. The app does not offer this possibility.


I feel the same. I pushed Basics 1 to level 5 to see what it would take. It was just a lot writing "ein Junge" and "ein Mädchen" over and over - boring. I'm just going to concentrate on getting the 20-30 skills at the bottom of the tree to level 2 or 3 since I still need practice there. But I'll ignore the rest. I haven't seen much new content yet with the higher levels, mostly just more repetition. But that might change. The crown thing is really new, so maybe in a couple months the higher levels will be changed up and have newer content.


Agreed. There is no reason why "Phrases" should have 15 lessons for level 4 and TWENTY-FIVE to max out at level 5. I know I don't have to max everything out, but there ought to be some reason why there are 25 lessons for level 5. So far, level 5 is not any more difficult than level 1. In level 5 I am typing bitte = please and nein = no... over and over again. Seriously??


Did you already finish the tree, I mean, do you have the golden owl? If not, get it first, without pushing the basics to level five. New skills can still be tested out, when you remove the lesson number from the url line while doing a lesson.

If you already see the owl, I'd suggest to repeat your weakest and oldest skills like before, and wait for the timed practice to be reintroduced to the single skills.

Have a look also here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26893293


Yes, I finished the German and the Spanish tree and maintained it golden for 2 months until the crowns came along. In German, I tested out of everything they allowed me to do. Then, I would get 2-3 sections to repeat in my weaker areas after I complete it (I learned German from living in Vienna, not from a book or classroom, so I have not learned the rules, just the feeling for the language). It was a good refresher and helped me guess the rules. But at crown level 3, I am bored. I'd like to test up to my level. What do you mean by removing a lesson number from the URL line?


It's not possible to get more than level 1 using the test, sorry. The trick with the url line only works in the browser version, not in the apps. After you started an exercise, just delete the last number in the url (and hit enter).


I'll keep that in mind when I do a third language, but I am beyond level 1 in everything now. Thanks for the tip.

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I also feel like it's really annoying. Just did the Food 1 in German, which I have now only on level 2 (despite having the owl and golden levels since forever) and seriously, that's boring as hell. I don't mind having 12 exercises to reach a new level, but they should be meaningful. There are only so many variations of "I drink orange juice" and "She eats a banana" before one gets bored


I totally agree. I was and am halfway through duolingo german and now I have to GO BACK and slug through alllll the easy stuff again? It is boring and painfully slow. @Duo can we do some kind of test to move forward?


Yep, this update is terrible. A lot of the times I'll get confused with something in a lesson of a topic and I like to go back to that lesson but now I can't and instead they'll just throw a whole bunch of new confusing stuff at me while I still have not learned that previous thing in the topic.


Ok, that does suck well a lot but if it is easy your work through it so hard you find the meaning of life. Or maybe you don't I don't know but comrade I would say this...

Do your best to push through I never used duolingo on the old system never felt motivated at all now I have 500xp plus this month really only in this week or something like that. Just push on comrade, the hard times are still yet to come


I agree. It is tedious repeating the same minor variations of phrases over and over and over PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD SYSTEM... PLEASE!?!?!


I have done up to level 5 on some of the earlier lessons. There is nothing harder at level 5 than level 4 or 3. its just more repetition. I have my Golden Owl but want a challenge, not just endless repetition. And hey, where did my Golden Owl go? I have the certificate but I dont see the owl any more.....


I'll be abandoning my German skills and focus on Spanish and Swahili until they have a way for me to test out of levels in German. I also find it helpful to study a new language from German (Spanish for me) to challenge my German and also separate the two languages in my brain. I do wish it were possible to switch between English speaker and German speaker on the phone app. I have to make the switch on the computer and then it changes on my phone.


Ich auch! Me too!

I feel like, after 3 years using Duolingo, I’m back to kindergarten. The women eats bread! Seriously?


Ich auch! I am frustrated ... i just wanted to make something golden again ... i am saying Ich bin eine Frau in my sleep ...... oh, and Brot, Wasser.


I just want to be challenged again. I liked how the old program would guide me to areas that were my weak points. I have no use for repeating basics that I can dream. I want to eliminate the handful of mistakes I make that identify myself as non-native speaker (a half hour into a conversation).


I also got bored and stopped using Duolingo. I really regret paying for PLUS, only weeks before the rollout. I won’t be paying them anything again.


I am learning up to level 3 and then moving on to the next topic. I aim to finish the tree at level 3 and then maybe go back and move them up to level 4 if it is not completely boring. Before the new crown system I had completed the Italian tree (all gold) but when the new crown system came in I found that I had only done it at levels one and two. No wonder I couldn't speak Italian at the end!


Level 1 is the same as level 2, 3, 4... It's very repetitive. The same 10-15 sentences per each topic. They don't even try to mix it up. DL has lost me as an avid user. I focus more on Drops and Memrise right now.

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